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Find and fix the most common blogging mistakes, tweak your website and peak your blog traffic in only 7 days!

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Tweak your blog

Find what blogging mistakes might be turning visitors away and how to fix them in a few easy steps.

Make it profitable

Learn about some easy monetization techniques that you can use to make money blogging.

Peak your traffic

Follow these strategies and boost your blog traffic, reach your target readership and grow your blog.

Kara Says:

This is one of many online courses that is actually worth your time! If you follow through with it, the value in each email can really take your blog to the next level! 

Vicky Says:

Thank you for all the useful info you share with all of us! I am very new at blogging and it gets overwhelming quickly but this course helped me in so many ways!


Day 1: Blogging Basics Part I 

Day 2: Blogging Basics Part II

Day 3: Blog Appearance

Day 4: User Interface

Day 5: Blog Integrity

Day 6: Blogging Like A Pro Part I (monetize)

Day 7: Blogging Like A Pro Part II (boost your traffic)

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